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Why Bluestone?



At PEET, we don’t just build developments, we build communities. For us, Bluestone is an exciting chance to establish the kind of neighbourhood that’s the perfect complement for your life.


A well-located and connected community

Right now, hundreds of residents are already enjoying the convenience of living at Bluestone. It’s just a 35 minute drive when you need to go into the city and only 30 minutes to get to the coast for a refreshing swim in the ocean.

Much of the time, though, there’s no need to leave the area. Mt Barker’s shopping options, bars and restaurants, cinemas and community events will keep you and your family busy while high speed broadband gives you access to the best of world entertainment right in your home.

Wide open spaces

With 20 hectares of Bluestone dedicated to green open spaces, there’s plenty of room to get outside and do all the things you love. The parks and creeks are great spots for family outings or walks with the dog, while the fitness trail and gym equipment mean a healthy lifestyle is that little bit easier to maintain.

More than 10 kilometres of walking tracks give you plenty of options to suit your mood and energy levels, while the two playgrounds keep kids occupied and engaged. A large linear reserve runs through the heart of the project, placing a relaxing slice of open space and fresh air close to each and every home.



The Bluestone master plan is a blueprint for a strong, cohesive community.

The 130-hectare area has been carefully laid out so that each land parcel is an integrated part of the street, giving every resident a strong sense of belonging. Bluestone has a focus on sustainability and environmentally-aware design to make the most of the site’s idyllic setting.

This is some of the best land in the Hills. To protect and preserve the existing character of the Bluestone land, more than 100 mature eucalyptus trees will be retained and thousands of native plants and shrubs will be planted. These will border the 10 kilometres of hiking and bike trails that will flow throughout the site and dot the 20 hectares of open space and green parks.

With exercise equipment as well as playgrounds installed throughout the reserves, every resident will have the opportunity to get out, see their community and live a social, healthy and active life. Just as Bluestone’s external environment sets the benchmark in Mt Barker, so does the community’s modern amenities.

Every home will be connected to high speed broadband and LP gas reticulation is distributed throughout the development. And of course Mt Barker’s pubs, cafés, restaurants and family dining options are a few short minutes away, as are its shopping centres, public and private schools allserviced by public transport.